Back in 2014, Zaphir Shamma didn’t think he had an artistic bone in his body until he attempted to take photographs of his brightly colored glass insulator collection in the sunshine. He liked playing with the sunlight and different compositions, but when a Coopers Hawk flew overhead and he attempted to capture it in flight – that was it! The wildlife photography bug bit him hard and it wasn’t letting go!

Completely self-taught, Zaph strives to not just document wildlife in its surroundings, but to move the viewer to emotion through composition, color and light. He loves photographing wildlife throughout New York’s four stunning seasons and is fortunate enough to explore other areas of the US when travelling for his “real job” with the US Army.

Whether engaging with critters or humans in the field, Zaph embraces the motto, “Be kind to one another and do no harm.”  He resides in Rochester, NY with his wife, Tanya and their two cats, Miss Mitzi Moo and Hamish McButterbean.